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Blog posts February 2021

Stretching the Limit of Injury Prevention: A Physio How-To Guide for Stretching

Stretching, or the forceful lengthening or a muscle in order to reduce its tightness, has been around for thousands of years and is hardwired into the makeup of humans and animals alike. The first thing most people do in the morning (after pressing snooze on the alarm 5 times) is to let out a gr…

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Exposing the Truth of Lower Back Scans: A Physio How-To Guide for Interpreting Your Scan

Ever had lower back pain (LBP), gone to a chiropractor or doctor, had a scan done on your lower back and been told you have a bulging disc, degenerative changes, slipped vertebrae or something else weird going on with your spine? Well you’re definitely not alone. Approximately 80% of people with…

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